Projects for Alameda County


8. Dumbarton Bridge Improvements: Design and construction of improvements to relieve congestion, increase transit capacity and enhance reliability of travel times along the Dumbarton Bridge

9. Interstate 680/Interstate 880/Route 262 Freeway Connector: Connect Interstate 680 and Interstate 880 to improve traffic movement, reduce congestion and improve operations and safety

10. AC Transit Rapid Bus Corridor Improvements: Improvements to reduce travel times and increase service frequency along key corridors

11. Transbay Rail Crossing: Preliminary engineering and design of second BART transbay rail crossing

12. Bay Bridge Corridor Transit Improvements: Provide faster travel times to and across the Bay Bridge for AC Transit and other transbay buses

13. Capitol Corridor: Upgrade Amtrak infrastructure to improve the Capitol Corridor passenger rail, reduce travel times and increase system safety

14. Major Ferry Enhancement Program: Double the frequency of WETA ferry service and add new routes and terminals in Berkeley, Alameda and the North Bay, Central Bay and South Bay

1. BART to San Jose: Complete the BART extension to downtown San Jose, connecting to Caltrain and Santa Clara

2. BART Fleet of the Future: Expand BART fleet with 300 additional new railcars to enable more service, longer trains, less crowding and greater reliability

3. Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District: Bus purchases and capital improvements to reduce travel times and increase service frequency

4. Tri-Valley Transit Access Improvements: Provide interregional and last-mile transit connections on the Interstate 580 corridor

5. Interstate 680/State Route 84 Interchange Reconstruction: Reduce congestion and improve safety by making SR 84 a four-lane expressway and other improvements between 680 and 84

6. Vasco Road Safety Improvements: Widen lanes and construct a concrete median barrier to enhance road safety

7. Interstate 680 Transit Improvements: Enhance transit service in the Interstate 680 corridor, including bus operations, transit centers and real-time travel information



Regional Projects that Benefit Alameda County

Expand Regional Express Bus Service: Reduce highway congestion by expanding regional express bus service throughout the Bay Area

Bay Area Corridor Express Lanes: New highway Express Lanes that are actively managed to be congestion-free at all times

Goods Movement and Mitigation: Reduce truck traffic, truck congestion and truck pollution with improvements on Interstates 580, 80, 880 and on freight rail and at the Port of Oakland

San Francisco Bay Trail/Safe Routes to Transit: Improvements to bicycle and pedestrian access on and around state-owned bridges connecting to rail transit stations and ferry terminals

Next-Generation Clipper Transit Fare Payment System: Develop and implement the next generation of the Clipper transit fare payment system to use a single card to pay for many different transit systems